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Vegas Golden Knights Won More Than a Stanley Cup!

We had to smile a bit when we read Columbus Dispatch columnist, Michael Arace's, take on the recent Stanley Cup win by the Vegas team, against the Florida Panthers in game 5. Detailing the raucous post-win celebrations, he added "another reason to hate the Golden Knights" as follows: "They now have the most fan-friendly local television deal in the NHL, and maybe in all major league sports."

We particularly love this, given our involvement in the deal AND our devotion to programs that benefit the FANS!

Arace went on:

"There is pure simplicity to the Scripps-Golden Knights TV deal. It works because Scripps owns two local TV stations in Las Vegas and will be running Knights games on one of them. The games are free if you have the local station as part of whatever cable/streaming service you’re already paying for. Better yet: You can have a TV without any inputs whatsoever, and all you have to do is buy a digital antenna and tune into the Scripps station on game night.

Scripps and the Golden Knights are also working on a direct-to-consumer streaming option, if that’s your thing. The team is happy because Knights games are accessible on multiple platforms. The fans are happy because there’s no extra charge. Scripps, which recently bought the rights to national WNBA contracts, is happy because this is a first step in what the Cincinnati-based company believes will be a new niche in local pro-sports broadcasts."

The media world is dynamic these days, and we're always happy to help clients find their best place within it. Especially if it delivers a win for fans!

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