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How we

unlock value

How we unlock value

Employing the right tools at the right time. That’s key to success in all things. And it’s how we help our clients identify the best way forward. Faster. And more efficiently than they imagined possible.

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“See the invisible; then do the impossible.”

Representing Brands

Our team has helped launch new products to the marketplace, and we’ve taken established brands to places they’ve never been before (literally). Understanding mission, vision and values – for all parties – is where it starts. Where it ends…is magical.


Harnessing a team of seasoned, plugged-in professionals is often what drives clients to FishBait. We think our entrepreneurial, nimble style – and our thirst for results – keeps them. Whether it’s an independent consulting assignment – or a chance to build some equity through a venture – we’re listening.


This hyper-connected world craves content that sings, sizzles, sells and spreads. We get it. In fact, we help make it.

Selling/Activating Sponsorships

Property representation is where we got our start, and it continues to be a key strength. Aligning investment opportunities that work for the property, the brand and the fan is our goal – every time.

Marketing and Communication Strategy

Winning teams play with a single aim in mind. That’s strategy. Our team helps set strategy, execute against it, measure success – and repeat. Mixed with a little media relations, social media, media buying and the like, and you’re on your way.

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