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Our Attitude = Gratitude

Our FishBait team operates in a fast-paced, high-stakes world (who’s doesn’t), and so it’s rare we take the time to pause and reflect. So as we gather with family and friends for Thanksgiving, we’re taking a moment to thank our professional friends and family for all you do to make this work both fun and rewarding.

We were born in college sports, and we remain firmly rooted there:

Rob Temple notes: “For me, I’ve loved the value of long-time friendships and am thankful that they’ve led us to two wonderful new clients: The ACC and its Commissioner as their Chief Revenue and Innovation Consultants (partnered with the wonderful Rick Chryst); and E.W. Scripps Company as their sports strategy and rights acquisition consultants, partnered with long-time ESPN exec, Scott Guglielmino. Both opportunities came to us through hard work and relationships we’ve treasured for decades.

Brittany Schiller, the chief traffic controller in that division, add: “I am thankful to be working on the CFP. I feel we can really make something happen with our collective knowledge and experience. It has been fun to work on a new property in the ever-changing college sports landscape.”

Newest team member Alex Burnett was thrown in headfirst this year: “I am most grateful for our work on Werner Ladder during the Final Four in New Orleans. It was great work experience booking news segments and doing field marketing with the, and

“Team” is the theme for many of us (one of whom shouted out our weekly synch!):

Rusty Reed is “happy to be part of a family-run business that values its people and the things that really matter (faith and family). Also grateful for the luxury of being connected to prime collegiate properties like ESPN Events, CFP, ACC and Bowl Season -- and lastly to be able to work with such seasoned brand professionals and can-do teammates.”

Mary Ashton Doyle adds: I am thankful to work for a multifaceted agency with colleagues who manage to find synergies across very different industries. And also for Monday staff calls that contribute to our culture AND help us keep track of all that is going on!

Kayleen Middleton notes: “I’m grateful to be part of the FBS Family. And for me, working alongside my co-workers with fantastic and friendly clients – like the CFP and the ACC – has been amazing.

Colleen Troy adds: “I’m truly grateful to be back on a team that prizes good passing, great communication on the court and off, and foul avoidance. It has helped us do amazing work for Charleston Wine + Food, Olde English District, and so many others.”

Celia Jones shouts out mentor and MIL Charlotte, “for being the glue that keeps it all together, and helping me with childcare the days I’m working.”

20+ stops (and 4 Bowls to go), our iconic tailgate tour is a top inspiration:

Rick Jones is “grateful for the growth and maturity of our youngest associates who managed the Dollar General/ESPN Tailgate Tour this fall. Lots of moving parts and they’ve handled it all successfully.”

Chairman Ron Cook also notes the Tailgate Tour in his gratitude summary: “Our team were amazing in execution and delivery. And Rick and Charlotte are tireless in all their prep for the tour. Many thanks and props all around!”

Tour manager Trey Burch agrees, and adds he’s grateful for Alex, “my road buddy who takes a huge mental and physical workload off me on travel, prep and game days.”

Charlotte Jones, who is the tour’s “back of house” maestro (and a former first grade teacher), is thankful for “all the project teaches everyone who works on it.”

We have a whole bunch of patriots on our team:

Bob Heussner’s year was made even better working with the American Battlefield Trust and the Congressional Medal of Honor Society to develop and launch the Medal of Honor Valor Trail, a physical and virtual experience honoring the bravest of our Armed Forces…none of whom should ever be forgotten.”

Ryan Jones put it simply: “I’m grateful for client America250. America’s birthday is a blessing!”

We are blessed to do the work we love:

Sales Director David Johnson loved being a part of “Riverfront Revival, and the opportunity to shape a brand new event and support it with great sponsors.”

Intern Caroline Russell says it well: “I am grateful for the opportunity to work with welcoming, seasoned professionals and to have the opportunity to apply classroom concepts to real world applications.”

Indeed…it’s the work. It’s always been and always will be about the work. Here’s wishing you a bountiful season filled with

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