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Inspiring a Medal of Honor Life

We’ve been on an amazing journey over the last year or so, and it’s only just beginning. It’s called the Medal of Honor Valor Trail. A project, it’s really more a mission we’ve helped develop with friends and partners: the American Battlefield Trust, the Congressional Medal of Honor Society and Copeland Design.

In short, the Medal of Honor Valor Trail tells the stories of the bravest of the brave – the 3,500 recipients of our nation’s highest award for valor. They come from every walk of life. They’re every color. The are officers and enlisted. (And one is female.) Most of their stories are unknown and for certain, under-appreciated.

In physical places and digital spaces the Valor Trail will share them and honor the lives of those courageous soldiers, sailors and flyers. Our hope is that by learning about them, Americans will be inspired - ideally to live a Medal of Honor life.

FishBait helped develop the Valor Trail concept including naming, as well as the sponsorship rights, benefits and packaging. We’ve been so fortunate to have met many recipients and to participate in Medal of Honor Day ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery. Unforgettable stuff.

We’re just now getting ready to go out into the sponsorship marketplace, seeking the funding necessary to make the Valor Trail everything it can be. Follow along on this incredible journey!

Surviving Medal of Honor recipients gathered in March, 2023 at The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

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