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Attracting New Visitors With Multi-Media Campaign


Where outdoor adventure and history live! - The Olde English District provides the perfect South Carolina Getaway, spanning seven north-central areas’ counties. Thrill seekers, explorers, and families never encounter a dull moment with activities like camping, hiking, kayaking, dining at local eateries, sipping beers and doing a little bit of nothing in between.

Emerging from the pandemic, OED sought to regain the attention of the traveling public. By featuring lesser-known events and attractions, the District seeks to invest in building visitation in every corner of its reach. So, we ensured they got the recognition they deserve through a multi-part media strategy consisting of out-oh-home, print, digital and social advertising.

Our team has helped Olde English District reach those seeking to become one with the great outdoors through a multi-pronged media strategy. From out-of-home on high-traffic corridors, to digital, print, sweepstakes/giveaways and more, we’ve helped OED target key audiences (Millennial families and Boomers, primarily) within and beyond the state. From Fall 2022 through Spring 2023, we helped snag millions of impressions, as well as engagement levels over three times the national average! We delight in knowing we’ve helped the Olde English District show people adventure is never too far away.

Millions of impressions, hundreds of new social followers, high engagement on giveaways

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